Flash Wireless

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Enjoy unlimited talk, text and data and stop worrying about overages. Choose from single line or family plans.


When reliability is a must, you need the nation’s leading wireless network! Choose from single line or family plans.


Enjoy single line and family plans. Now offering the exclusive Pro 50 plan. This plan includes 50GB of high speed data.


  • "Using my cel phone, I talk to Italy 2-3 hours/month. Previously, with one of the major providers, my bill was well over $300/month due to these calls overseas. With Flash Wireless international calling plans, my bill dropped to less than $100/month. Now that's significant !"

    Dan from Florida

  • "I have Strive for 5 and pay only $8.65 a month for taxes--- with that, I get unlimited talk, text & data with 50GB of high speed data, plus unlimited international texting, and unlimited calling to Canada and Mexico... I love it !"

    Candice from NY

  • "I was always conditioned to believe that I HAD to pay a cell phone bill. When I found Flash and got my Strive for 5, my life truly was never the same. I have peace of mind and freedom. Flash Wireless gives something that people really need to experience for themselves."

    Nelson from Florida

  • "Prior to Flash, I was a Verizon customer. I was paying $118 a month for my one line of service. I decided to try Flash and now I have the same coverage but only pay $79 plus tax. It was very easy for me to try out the service by simply swapping out my SIM card. I was even able to keep my same phone, and my same phone number! I have been very happy with my Flash service, and the only thing that changed was who I pay my bill too. Now, I’m one customer referral away from having free cell phone service through the Flash Strive for 5 program! No other company could offer me FREE!"

    Sarah from Meryland

  • "I never liked paying my bills (who does??), until I got my Flash Wireless Strive for 5. Now I pay only for taxes. Before being a Flash customer, I was paying over $100/month for my bill. It went down to $50 when I switched to Flash. And once I got 5 referral customers (which is NOT hard to do), my bill is practically free. I have started a travel fund with the money I'm saving so that I can take my family on a fun trip at the end of the year."

    Monica from California